Wall insulations with VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels

Building & Construction – Wall insulation

In order to achieve improved thermal insulation of buildings, particularly its cover needs to be insulated in an outstanding way. The largest part of the surface is given to the wall insulation.

The energy saving regulation (EnEV) asks for increased requirements of the total building energy efficiency. This results in very high insulation thicknesses which do not support the need of functional and aesthetical requirements. Additional wall thickness can cause increased shading and avoids slim designs of some parts of the building.

Porextherm VACUPOR® VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) insulation fulfills both requirements equally: enormous thermal insulation values along with impressing flat building methods. This means the requirements of the EnEV can normally be reached easily, without increasing the insulation thickness. On the other hand, VACUPOR® vacuum panels permits very slim constructions and offers therefore plenty creative possibilities.

As a result of the consistent use of VACUPOR® VIPs a valuable living space gain is achieved. This leads to an increased effective area and a more favourable relationship of surface area / effective area.


VACUPOR® wall insulation can be used in place of conventional insulating materials. If VACUPOR® vacuum insulation is already scheduled in the planning phase the expenditure for the new insulation system can be reduced to a minimum. To protect the panels it is advisable to apply suitable surface layers on the insulation. In addition to, an even underground should be provided, which excludes any damage of the VIPs. For the attachment, adhesives or PVC rails are suitable.

The advantages at a glance

  • reduced height of wall construction
  • increased space gain
  • enormous increased energy efficiency
  • additional creative freedom for aesthetic requirements
  • no shading by high wall thicknesses
  • no health and physiological risks



Exemplary structures

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